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Almost never, thrombocytosis is attributable to a bone marrow ailment. An example is thrombocythemia, also known as Major or necessary thrombocythemia, a scarce myeloproliferative condition through which the bone marrow makes an extremely significant quantity of platelets.

B2 to try and do a little something as a way to discover if a little something is Harmless, works properly, etcetera., or if a little something is existing:

test - the act of testing something; "from the experimental trials the amount of carbon was calculated independently"; "he called Every single flip in the coin a different trial"

intelligence test, IQ test - a psychometric test of intelligence; "they used to feel that intelligence is what an intelligence test tests"

vt (= examine, Examine) → testen, prüfen; (Sch) pupil → prüfen; (orally) → abfragen; human being, intelligence → testen; (fig) → auf die Probe stellen; the Instructor tested them on that chapter → der Lehrer fragte sie das Kapitel ab; to test any person for the position → jds Eignung fileür eine Stelle prüfen or testen; to test any person/a little something for accuracy → jdn/etw auf Genauigkeit prüfen; I just wished to test your reaction → ich wollte nur mal sehen, wie du reagierst; Have you ever been tested? (for AIDS etc) → hast du dich testen lasen?, hast du einen Test gemacht?

› [ T ] to inquire a person a set of thoughts or give them simple activities to accomplish, in an effort to measure their information or ability:

To prevent this mistake, and have essentially the most exact test final results, shut all other browser tabs and Home sites windows prior to managing.

test - any standardized course of action for measuring sensitivity or memory or intelligence or aptitude or personality and many others; "the test was standardized on a sizable sample of students"

(= chemical test) → Test m, → Untersuchung file; a pores and skin test → ein Hauttest; to do a test for sugar → einen Zuckertest machen, eine Untersuchung auf Zucker machen; the samples had been sent for tests → die Proben wurden zur Untersuchung geschickt

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my physician would like her response me to be tested for diabetes → mi médico quiere que me haga un análisis para ver or (frm) determinar si tengo diabetes

mental measurement - a generic time period accustomed to address any application of measurement strategies on the quantification of mental functions

Add Speed The reverse of down load speed, this tracks the most volume of information that the Computer system can send to the online market place. That is also measured in Mbps.

You've Ethernet eight.0 Mbps assistance and want to transmit an electronic mail which is precisely 1MB in dimension You might expect it will eventually choose particularly 1 next to transmit that concept. But it's going to in fact consider for a longer time as the entire information that should be transmitted is a lot more than 1MB.

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